H-44 Heavy Duty Combination Strapping Tool

H-44 Hercules Heavy-duty Combination Strapping Tool

The Hercules H-44 is an innovative tool that serves as a dual-purpose solution for PET and heavy-duty PP strapping. It utilizes serrated seals to optimize seal efficiency, guaranteeing a secure strapping process. The windlass tensioning system incorporated within the tool allows for the application of remarkably high strap tension. This feature enables the effortless and safe strapping of various items, including boxes, pallets, bales, and crates. As a result, products remain securely fastened throughout their journey during shipping and storage

  • Effortless to operate
  • Tailored for demanding tasks
  • Impressive tension capacity, reaching up to 3000 N (300 kg)
  • Compatible with serrated seals, ensuring exceptional seal efficiency.
  • Designed for horizontal applications, this tool features a convenient handle.
Technical Data: