TP-502MV Genesis Verti

TP-502MH Genesis Hori Pallet Strapping Machine

The Genesis Verti TP-502MV takes all the benefits of the Genesis TP-502 to the next level. It retains the advantages of a compact strapping head, direct drive technology powered by German-made DC motors, and electronic tension control. Notably, it eliminates the need for manual tools and dispensers. Moreover, its unique feature allows for effortless maneuvering alongside the load to be strapped, eliminating the necessity to move the entire pallet.

By doing so, the TP-502MV redefines vertical pallet strapping with an ergonomic and cost-effective approach. Designed for low-volume applications, it streamlines the strapping process while prioritizing user comfort and operational efficiency.

  • Compact mechanical strapping head
  • Electronic tension control
  • Jog switch
  • Mobility
  • Good for lower height pallet
  • Adjustable weld-cooling time
Technical Data:
TP-502MV Genesis Technical Data
  • Battery power supply (TP-502MVB)