TP-702RS Mercury for Small or Round Package

TP-702RS Mercury for Small or Round Packages

The Mercury TP-702RS is an innovation based on the Mercury TP-702, enhanced with specially designed components. Tailored for the strapping of small or round packages, like plastic pipes, steel rods, and hardwood, this machine stands out. It accommodates packages as compact as 40 mm (W) x 10 mm (H) or even round packages as small as Ø 32 mm x 2 pieces. With its dependable high-speed performance, the TP-702RS is your go-to solution for efficiently strapping small or round packages, ensuring your operations run smoothly.

    • Durable & Efficient Strapping Head: Built for resilience and performance, the mechanical strapping head ensures reliable strapping.

    • Easy Access to Strap Guides: With patented registered technology, you benefit from free access to strap guides, enhancing usability.

    • Quick Coil Change at Waist Height: Patent-registered feature enables swift coil changes at a convenient waist height, saving time and effort.

    • Effortless Auto Strap Feeding: The waist-high auto strap feeding mechanism simplifies the strapping process, enhancing efficiency.

    • Flexible Control Panel: The turnable operating control panel provides adaptable accessibility, ensuring ease of operation.

    • Automated Strap Ejection: Enjoy the convenience of the auto strap ejector for seamless strapping workflow.

    • Dispenser Release Switch: This feature provides control over strap dispensing, contributing to a smoother strapping process.

    • Precision Heating with Sensor Control: The sensor-controlled heater ensures accurate and consistent heating for optimal strapping results.

    • Safety and Energy Efficiency: Operating at low voltage, the machine prioritizes safety and energy efficiency.

    • Efficient Strap End Ejection: The strap end ejector adds to operational fluidity, saving time and enhancing user experience.

    • Convenient Front Foot Bar Switch: The front foot bar switch offers a hands-free option for initiating strapping, streamlining operations.

    • Adjustable Table Height: The adjustable table height, ranging from 820 mm to 920 mm, accommodates varying packaging needs.

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Technical Data:
TP-702RS Mercury Tech Data
  • Photo-Eye Switch

  • Rear Foot-bar Switch

  • Foot Pedal Switch

  • Lower Adjustable Table Height