TP-702YAM Mercury (Wash-down machine)

TP-702YAM Mercury

Mercury TP-702YAM is a wash down side seal strapping machine built with Transpak Mercury head and Brushless DC Motor technology. It has stainless steel cabinets (SUS 304) and rust resistant or corrosion retardant components and provides maximum protection in harsh working environment such as seafood, meat, and poultry processing industries.

  • Robust and compact strapping head
  • Waterproof design
  • Free access to strap guides (patents registered)
  • Downward tension force
  • Electronic tension control
  • Inner strap dispenser design
  • Auto strap ejector
  • Adjustable table height between 445 mm and 645 mm
  • Up and downstream interlock
  • Low voltage
Green Tech:
Technical Data:
TP-702YAM Mercury
  • Light tower with low strap sensor
  • Small Package
  • Siemens PLC 
  • Energy saving transit with auto sleep mode
  • Side pusher
  • Dual press bar